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"Like all the best families, we have our share of eccentricities, of impetuous and
wayward youngsters and of family disagreements."
- Queen Elizabeth II



Website History

Yvonne's Royalty Home Page made its debut on the Internet in 1998. I had recently compiled an eight-generation ahnenreihe (ancestor list) of Prince William of Wales, when genealogist and author William Addams Reitwiesner suggested I do something with this document instead of filing it away. I asked what could I do, and William (the genealogist, not the prince) said why not put it on a website. And that is what I did - created a website featuring Prince William's ahnenreihe.

Since then, my website has undergone a few changes over the years. This spring and summer brought other changes when I disabled my site for a few weeks while I reformatted the layout and added new documents. I also changed the focus of my site. In the past, I had various topics on European royalty, with a fair amount of British royalty topics. But now, I've decided to limit the scope of my material to the British royal family. Accordingly, the following documents are no longer on my site:

    - the five generation ahnenreihe of the currently reigning European monarchs (except for Queen Elizabeth II)


    - descendants of Jacob and Amalia Cassel
    - royal birthdays, anniversaries and accession dates

Two other documents, Order of Succession to the British Throne, and, Descendants of the Electress Sophia, have not been on my site for some time. I don't have plans to return them in the near future, because of all the material on my website, these were the most copied on other people's websites without credit to me.

The new, revised Yvonne's Royalty Home Page is accordingly "unveiled" today, 22 July 2005*. Thank you William for your original idea, and thank you to those who have supported and encouraged my endeavours with my website these past seven years.

* This date, incidentally, is the 109th wedding anniversary of HRH Princess Maud, youngest daughter of King Edward VII, and HRH Prince Charles of Denmark (later Haakon VII, King of Norway). It is also the 66th anniversary of the first meeting (at least, the one where they "really took notice of each other") of HRH Princess Elizabeth (now HM The Queen) and HRH Prince Philip of Greece (now HRH The Duke of Edinburgh) at Royal Naval College in Dartmouth.


Website Contents

Ahnenreihe (Ancestors of ...)
        Prince William of Wales (currently unavailable)
        Queen Elizabeth II
        Queen Victoria

        Relationship between Prince William of Wales and his godparents
        Closest common ancestor of the Prince of Wales and the late Diana, Princess of Wales

Descendants (Relatives of ... )
        Diana, Princess of Wales (currently unavailable)
        Queen Elizabeth II (currently unavailable)
        Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother (currently unavailable)

        Diana, Princess of Wales' ladies-in-waiting       
        FAQ about Diana, Princess of Wales
        Queen Elizabeth II's ladies-in-waiting at her coronation, 1953
        Royal and royal-related Governors General of Canada
        Royal godchildren                 
        Twin births among the descendants of King George I (currently unavailable)

Queen Victoria
        Assassination attempts made on Queen Victoria (currently unavailable)
        Books about Queen Victoria, her family, and her descendants
        Names of Queen Victoria's male-line descendants
        Queen Victoria's ladies-in-waiting, 1837-1901 (temporary version)   
        Queen Victoria's ladies-in-waiting at her coronation, 1838

        Peerage titles held by male-line descendants of sovereigns since King George I
        Titular dignity of prince in the British Royal Family since 1714 (currently unavailable)

Vital Statistics
                The Royal Family          
                Relatives of the Royal Family (coming soon)

                The Royal Family
                Relatives of the Royal Family (currently unavailable)

                The Royal Family

                Individuals buried at St George's Chapel, Windsor Castle (currently unavailable)
                Individuals buried at Frogmore, Windsor (currently unavailable)
                Individuals buried elsewhere (currently unavailable)
                Index of names (currently unavailable)

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