This paper is regarding a correlation noticed across various branches of science as well as ancient theological text. The subject is life - the creation of it, possibly by special natural light, and this, in turn, to a possible connection to a God, advanced extraterrestrials or the intelligence of nature which makes up life itself. This short thesis details this major correlation that has been overlooked by science due, likely, to the technical language differences and lack of cohesiveness between the various scientific disciplines. The information is interesting and should be considered carefully by the various scientific disciplines noted herein. Please note that any religious notations here are only used as a potential scientific reference.


The starting point here is a quotation from the Holy Bible (1John - 1, 5) which states: "This is the message we have heard from him and declare to you: God is light; in him there is no darkness at all." This is an interesting statement that, if taken literally, says that the intelligence of the universe (Ie: God) - is light. Verse 7 goes on to say "But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus, his Son, purifies us from all sin. Putting aside the religious aspects, this statement affirms again that God (Ie: the universal intelligence of life) is in the light. Scientifically this makes sense since we know that life requires light energy in order to begin. Without it there would be no life since photosynthesis would never occur. Still though, what puts the intelligence into the creation of life? Here, science now knows that you can look to DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid) as this source for the intelligence of life (Ie: the code).


So this search for the origin of life continues on with a look at DNA. Figure 1 details a representation of a DNA molecule.
Figure 1: A DNA Molecule

The double helix is now becoming more and more understood by science. The DNA carries the code of life. It carries a biological computer program that specifies a particular type of life whether it be an amoeba or human. Scientists are working hard to identify further secrets about and applications for this knowledge. However, this still does not answer the big question of how did this DNA get here? What made the DNA? What caused it to occur such as it has? Of course there are the various types of molecular bonds that come into play but the thing has occurred with such intelligence. It seems like far too much intelligence to have happened by chance - at least in its original occurrence. We know that DNA replicates itself but how did it get started in the first place?


Now, take a close look at the double helix. It's overall structure, discovered by Crick and Watson, is striking and famous - it seems so perfect. What is even more remarkable is that the DNA looks very similar to a light wave. Look at a side view of the molecule and you will see that it clearly has a wavelength and amplitude just like a light wave. However, the DNA is three dimensional and regular transverse light waves are only two dimensional. Figure 2 illustrates a 2-dimensional light wave which in this case is an AM wave.
Figure 2: A 2-Dimensional Light Wave

Study of electromagnetic waves from a first year university text quickly reveals, however, that if two equal component polarized waves are combined perpendicular to each other and with one of them differing in phase by a quarter-cycle from the other. Then the resultant motion of each point corresponds to a superposition of two simple harmonic motions at right angles with a quarter-cycle phase difference. The motion is then no longer confined to a single plane, and it can be shown that each point on the wave moves in a circle in a plane parallel to the yz plane. Successive points on the wave have successive phase differences, and the overall motion of the wave then has the appearance of a rotating helix! Hence, electromagnetic waves can be of exactly the same shape as DNA! Look up a first year university physics text and verify that, simply stated, two transverse light waves can combine and become a helical light wave which can be of the exact same dimensions as DNA! Figure 3 exemplifies this fact.
Figure 3: The Creation Of A Helical Light Wave

Additionally, it may be possible that if two circular light waves could be sent out together in tandem then they may be able to take on the appearance of a double helix. Note as well that light waves also have an electrical field that runs on a perpendicular axis to the light wave itself. A possible correlation to DNA here is that the double helical components in DNA are molecularly attached in a ladder formation. It is possible that the electrical fields from two circular light waves may combine in this formation due to their positive and negative components!

So, it seems that DNA is closely related to electromagnetic waves by its shape. Digging deeper into the study of light waves reveals that, of course, humans have been encoding information into carrier waves within a modulated signal for some time now (Recall figure 2 which illustrates one of these waves). Radio etcetera uses this technique. Electromagnetic waves can carry encoded information - as does DNA! DNA carries the code of all life encapsulated within itself. Simply compare a photo of unravelled DNA to a photo of 8 bit code, created by humanity, and you will see the striking simularity. So DNA and light are comparable in this aspect as well provided that circular light waves can carry encoded information. Perhaps they can with the proper antenna/electronic apparatus? Figure 4 details a picture of 8 bit code. Recall the old keypunch computer cards for visualization here as well.
Figure 4: 8 Bit Code

An additional study of the DNA molecule shows that it's wavelength (estimated at 3.4 nanometers) corresponds to a wavelength within the electromagnetic spectrum where ultra-violet and gamma rays reside (around the 3-5 nanometer mark). This is particularly interesting since these (specifically UV rays) are the types of waves that cause mutations in the DNA when it is replicating itself. Why is this and why do other wavelengths of light waves not cause this?

The theory of light waves includes the principle of superposition which basically says that if two polarized waves of the same wavelength are beamed along with each other, they will combine together to become one wave with the same wavelength but larger amplitude. Since the ultra-violet and gamma rays are of the same wavelength as DNA, they may be combining with the DNA, when orientations are correct, via the principle of superposition. This would violently knock the DNA around while the ray of light passed through - hence, corrupting the information stored within and causing the mutations. DNA, when replicating, would only rarely be affected by UV rays since only correct wave orientations would cause superposition. This connection must also say, however, that the DNA is akin or related to light in order to be affected in this way. Perhaps DNA is a physical manifestation of light (Ie: a creation at the interface between matter and energy) or only that the atoms within the DNA molecule are small enough to be effected by the light waves.

Methods used to decode DNA molecules basically flatten the double helix out to reveal the sequences of information held within. This looks the same as taking the corresponding transverse wave components (those before superposition) out of a light wave to reveal their original amplitudes, wavelengths and encoded information.

Humans have used different methods for encoding information within light waves such as binary, hexadecimal, hollerith and 8-hole to name a few. The information is encoded into the light waves and sent to destination by a transmitter and received and decoded by a receiver. These human-made encoding systems look strikingly similar to the resultant gene pattern information obtained from unraveling DNA molecules. Note also that the accepted theory of light is that light has a dual nature. Light is considered to have properties which make it act like a particle and those which make it act like a wave. DNA is the same here as well since the shape is wavelike but it is made up of particles.


The preliminary information, above, has noted a number of comparisons which seem to suggest that DNA and light are quite similar in many aspects. The following few paragraphs detail possible natural explanations for this correlation of light and DNA. These are to be suggestions to the scientific community. These hypotheses are an attempt to explain the very basis for which DNA, and other biological molecules, are created in the first place. It is stressed here that these are just hypothetical explanations and that they may or may not be correct. The fact remains, however, that there seems to be something about this whole concept which lends itself to further scrutiny by the scientific community. Clearly, research should be conducted in an attempt to verify the connections that have been supposed in this report.

The Einstein Mass-Energy Hypothesis

It seems as though DNA may be the physical manifestation of light - possibly the opposite side of Einstein's mass-energy equivalence law: E=mc2. Here, possibly, light energy is being converted into matter. One way of testing this would be to check the mass of DNA and determine it's rest energy verses the total energy of a double-circular light wave that is required to form the DNA - (that is if the hypothesis is correct in the first place). If the two are the same, this may be proof.

The Electric/Magnetic Field Hypothesis

The other possibility is that the electric, and magnetic fields, created by naturally forming circular ultra-violet and x-rays, may stimulate the molecular bonding required to cause the formation of the DNA molecule. It is now well known, although not completely understood, that static electricity, under the proper conditions and using the correct chemical soup, causes the formation of amino acids. Perhaps this is another natural process which causes the formation of life. It is possible that circular light waves are acting as a template for the formation of DNA molecules. Perhaps natural UV and X-rays, thought to be destructive, are actually creative a very small part of the time while under the correct conditions (Ie: creating life). It may be this natural creative process, happening at the wrong time, which causes mutations but sometimes - causes evolution. This would explain the missing links found between the various species. This may be possible since evolutionary changes may have happened instantaneously by the effect of light which caused a mutation which actually translated into an evolutionary transformation. Hence, there were no intermediate species of the particular creature in question.

The Universal God Or Extraterrestrial Hypothesis

It is also interesting to recall that electromagnetic waves can carry information. Perhaps naturally or artificially, electromagnetic waves, of a double helical nature, are interacting with our planet and other planetoids within our system and throughout the universe. Perhaps this is God? Perhaps all the bio-computer data of all the different kinds of life is being beamed throughout the universe - encapsulated within double-helical carrier waves. Humans use light to transmit intelligence over distances so why wouldn't God? A potential proof would be to prepare transverse waves with the same sequences of information as a DNA molecule and combine these by the principle of superposition and beam this into a chemical mix made up of the correct chemicals (Ie: hydrogen, carbon and nitrogen). Perhaps a DNA molecule will spontaneously form to the desired makeup as specified by the encapsulated information in the light beam. This could be a potential experiment.

The Random Circular Wave Hypothesis

Another possibility is that circular waves form naturally, and randomly, in our atmosphere and obtain the natural sequences of encoded information by interactions with the air molecules found in the atmosphere. This may explain another way why life has evolved on our planet - as the atmospheric chemical makeup changed, so did the natural encoding of circular light waves and hence the evolution of DNA itself. This makes sense since dinosaur DNA, for example, is more primative than DNA is today. Additionally, it is now well known that the atmospheric content of oxygen was 30% in the days of the dinosaur while it is only 21% today. Ancient air had much less helium content compared to modern air as well. These factors would all alter the orientations of light diffraction/deflection that would occur in the atmosphere and thus change DNA with time as the air mixtures changed.

The Advanced Communication Hypothesis

Astronomers have been searching the stars for some signal from other intelligent life. Perhaps, if there are other forms of intelligent life out there, they are using circular waves as their means of beaming information. A circular wave may hold it's energy longer than a transverse wave and thus travel farther and still remain readable similarly to how a propeller is the most efficient means of traveling through water. Additionally, a circular wave may be able to carry more information since it is 3-dimensional. Maybe the SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) astronomers should be looking for circular light waves in their search of the stars for life? Perhaps a transceiver capable of sending and receiving circular light waves should be designed and built. This special technology is likely possible.


The evidence shown within this document details a number of correlations between electromagnetic waves and DNA and attempts several hypothetical explanations for these correlations. At this time it is suggested that there may be more to this connection and therefore these thoughts should be analyzed collaboratively by experts in the applicable sciences. In general, the applicable sciences are: Theology, Astrophysics, Astronomy, Electronics, Biochemistry, Philosophy as well as others. The similarities between DNA and light seem too close to be ignored. Religious writings from many cultures have been saying that God is Light for thousands of years. The Bible, as one example, makes reference that God is Light at least 10 times. Additionally, one of the old Prophets (Ezekiel 1:16) apparently had a vision where he spoke of an object that "appeared to be made like a wheel intersecting a wheel". Was this Prophet making reference to DNA? This observation is open for interpretation but seems, again, fairly interesting considering what we know about DNA and life today. Additionally, the Koran says that "Allah is the light of the heavens and the earth" and The book of Mormon says that "Christ is the light and life of the world". These are similar statements to the Bible which if taken literally in a scientific format point to the simularities between DNA and light noted in this report.

I personally noticed this connection and upon introductory research have not found any data in textbooks which notes any kind of similar connection. Is this correlation just a coincidence or is there something to it? Please send me your thoughts to: Perhaps life is part of the Light Spectrum? Thanks from: Greg H. Hatton, AScT, MCASI.

Now See The Life Spectrum Hypothesis - Chapter 2 (Added July 1, 1998)


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