Marriage Notice
The Daily Telegraph, April 13, 1863.

At Kingston Vale, Green Island, on the 13th instant, by the
Rev. J. McNaughton, Mr. John Runciman, youngest son of
Mr. Richard Runciman, to Elizabeth Mitchell, second daughter
of Mr. Jacob Mitchell, Longbyre, Wishaw, Scot

Richard Charles Runciman (1864-1947)
John Jacob Runciman (1865-1874)
Emily Jane Runciman (c 1867-1878)
James Merrilees Runciman. Jim was married to Isabelle and had two sons, Jack and Norman. Jim and Isabelle lived at Hawkes Bay. Jim died in 1936.
George Mitchell Runciman. George died in 1942. He had 2 daughters: Ellen, who married Wallace McNab; and Lilian, who married Horace Ruffell.
Alexander Runciman, birth date unknown. There are references to Alex Runciman in correspondence from his brothers.
Helen Doig Runciman (b 1877 - died at age 10 months)
Lena Jane Runciman (b Aug 1879)

After Elizabeth Mitchell's death on 11th May, 1882 at the age of 41 years, John Runciman remarried and had a son, Archie Runciman.

John Runciman died on 8th July, 1918, aged 80 years. He and Elizabeth are buried with several of their children at Northern Cemetery, Dunedin (see photo above). Photo courtesy of Graham and Zoe Upson.

Follow the links below to read letters written in the first half of the 20th Century by members of the Runciman family.

James Merrilees Runciman | George Mitchell Runciman | Archie Runciman

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